2018 Fundraiser Sponsors, thank you!

  • Moses Znaimer  is best known as the co-founder of CityTV, CP24, MuchMusic, Bravo!, Space, and a dozen or more popular television channels and stations; and now as a champion for Canada’s 15.8 million people aged 45plus, aka. “Zoomers”, as the Founder of ZoomerMedia and President of CARP.

Marketing Magazine named Moses one of the Top 10 Canadian Media Moguls of the past 100 years. He is the recipient of the Order of Ontario, The Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, The Juno Special Achievement Award, and in 2011, The City of Toronto designated a famous downtown stretch of the legendary Queen Street MOSES ZNAIMER WAY.

  • Mike Holmes Jr: Professional contractor, television host, public speaker, educator, guest expert and online personality.
  • CTV’s Roger Klein:  Award winning television journalist will give an inside look at news media, share trade secrets on how to compose, shoot, write & edit short storytelling videos
  • Christopher Thomas: hosted and produced numerous radio and television shows for CBC including live news specials and Radio Noon.
  • Clark Little: former fighter pilot and retired Brigadier-General with 31 years of service in Royal Canadian Air Force, worked in the global aerospace sector for a number of major companies.
  • Francis Richardson: Learn about politics from the former Mayor of Meaford
  • Jim Lang: Everything you want to know about life as a professional musician (now retired)
  • More to come!

***Fundraiser & Healthy Community Initiative.

As part of the festivities and fundraising on July 21st, Friends of The Barn is having a silent auction, which will include Coffee Shop Mentorship opportunities & Health & Wellness Packages.

The Coffee Talk Mentorship opportunities will entail a 1-hour informal chat in a comfortable space over a coffee at The Barn, or Skype if needed. These will be one-on-one coffee talks with celebrities, professionals, local mentors, and role models in their field. The recipients can ask questions, and the mentor would share his/her life experiences, insights on overcoming obstacles & how success was achieved.

Our youth, young adults & community need role models. Sharing experiences as a leader in any field whether it be music, business, the arts, health, media etc. will inspire the next generation, which is exactly what we need for our community at this time! Did you know that our own local high schools (from Collingwood to Owen Sound) have music, arts, machine shop, trades and media programs with students that would benefit from access to the life experiences of these role models? This is where you can Pay-It-Forward!

Friends of The Barn is challenging community members, and local service clubs to support our mission by purchasing 1-Hour Coffee Talk Mentorship opportunities and paying it forward by gifting them to local high schools, other charities or a community member in need of a role model, inspiration & encouragement. 

The Health & Wellness Packages will include:

  • Organic & natural cosmetics & personal care gift baskets
  • Massage, nutrition, healthy lifestyle consultation
  • Wild food & mushroom walks
  • David Wolfe event tickets : healthy eating guru
  • Free Spirit Tours outdoor adventure tickets
  • Music lessons
  • & much more!

As with the Coffee Talk Mentorship opportunities, you may also wish to Pay-It-Forward to someone who can benefit in the community. We have other local charities, such as My Friend’s House Women’s Shelter, the Golden Town Outreach, and the Beaver Valley Outreach that would benefit from gifting health & wellness packages to them so they can share with someone in need.

All of the money raised will go to support our Arts, Music, Education Programs and Health & Wellness Workshops, which we strive to run all by donation so that they are inclusive and accessible to our entire community, and specifically at-risk youth & low-income families.

Please let us know if your service club, community group, church, foundation or cottage association would like to take-part in our fundraiser by starting the opening bid and paying it forward.  We will include you as one of our healthy community sponsors!

Contact Angela Klein or Jaden Calvert at 4friendsofthebarn@gmail.com for more info.

Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/charityfriendsofthebarn/

A BIG Thank you to Mill St. Brewery for Sponsoring our event!