Our programs are postponed for 2019 due to lack of funding, if you or your company would like to sponsor our healthy community initiatives please let us know:)

These meditations continue to take place in Thornbury at Rocky Shores, please contact them for more information.
M O N D A Y S  
*6:00-7:00 PM
Meditation hosts vary please visit our facebook page for weekly host updates.
New location 16 Bruce St. North Unit #3  Rocky Shores Health & Wellness   On the corner of King & Bruce St.   Space is limited, if you travel from out of town please call 226.665.1911 to hold a spot:)   Suggested donation $10

Croc-E $10   Elemental flow- acoustic meditation.    Born in the Sub-Arctic and having spent most of his life in sun kissed South Africa, Croc-e Moses recently moved to Markdale to be with family. With his roots as a drummer and his wings as a poet who journeys the parameters of consciousness, he now finds home in his guitar and voice. Fusing gentle African rhythms with ancient languages from Swaziland and Capetown, his music weaves expansive magical sonic landscapes that are deeply relaxing and inspirational.

Susan Mason-Apps $10  Susan will be adding the impact of healing sound to her guided visualization meditation: crystal singing bowl, spirit drum, and tibetan singing bowls will deepen and expand your meditation experience.

Narry   I love everything I do. Up-rooted and moved to Canada since 1991 from Thailand.  My heart has always been with helping others and I am a disciplined meditation practitioner. I have been practicing Mahasatipatthana based on Anapanasati meditation since 2008 and on going.

I am a holistic practitioner of energy healing, a holistic healing approach that helps reactivate the body’s subtle energy systems to stimulate brain neurons to fire more charges through positive thoughts. My Energy healing practice aims to balance energy centres to help the body to regain its healing ability, coupling with guided-meditation practice (a MUST) to become aware of ones thinking patterns that may cause “unwanted” in one’s life.

Rev Susan Nardella $10     Only hosting during non winter months.  I began my awakening journey in 1987, running a metaphysical wellness centre, and in 1997 I was ordained as a spiritual pastor at Lilydale, a spiritual community in the U.S.A. I have incorporated my years of learning to help people to awaken their own intuitive abilities, using meditation and discussion of WHY AM I HERE and  WHO AM I.  I have raised my consciousness to allow  Saint Francis of Assisi  to bring the meditation through me.  Enlightened thoughts are given to all who are open and willing to raise their consciousness of living in love.      Blessings of love and Laughter, Rev. Susan

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