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Local artists display in quarterly exhibits, to help create a unique blend of energy, design and resources aimed at mind, body and spirit well-being.   Viewing hours: Monday 10am-4pm, Tuesday-Saturday 9:30am-5pm    Sunday 11am-4pm

Mile One: The First Ingredient is Hay, a homage to hay and the farmers who produce Canada’s forage crops.

Jim Stacey

Originally a Fine Art student at the University of Toronto, after a career in business, I studied photography at Ryerson. As a commercial photographer and instructor in Toronto, my clients included Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Ryerson University and the University of Toronto among others.

I relocated to the Georgian Triangle in 1998 and began to focus on photography as a medium for creative expression and social comment. Here, I am reminded of the many ways in which we are connected to and interact with our environment. In my work I attempt to express visually some of the ways in which I have been moved by this relationship.

Artist’s Statement about Mile One:

You can mark the progress of summer by the hay. Spring is hardly done and it’s first cut and by second cut we’re in the last blast of August. In those ten weeks, a farmer will pack away enough forage to feed the herd through seven cold months. Mile One: The First Ingredient is Hay, a homage to hay and the farmers who produce Canada’s forage crops. It also acknowledges the importance – both economically and environmentally of pasture.

Current Work

I am working on the Triple Square Meadow – a long term project documenting the growth of trees and grasses laid out in ten acres; planted to represent an ancient mystic pattern. These two projects can be seen via my (Jim Stacey) Facebook page.

I am also working on a project to inspire artists and artisans to recycle used wooden pallets into their creations. ReVision is a not for profit which has diverting material from landfill as its mission. More information on this organization can be found at

***Previous Exhibitions in The Barn’s Gallery:
  • Diyen Julius Shiyntum  April-June 2016
  • Anna Green    January-March 2016
  • Laura Lee Harris  and Vita Bowen  Oct 2015 -Jan. 4th, 2016
  • Willi Wildman Local Georgian Bay Landscapes July 2015 – September 2015
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